Jenner Murders

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Re: Jenner Murders

Postby Paul_Averly » Fri May 25, 2012 9:01 pm

Wikipedia Quote:

Police investigated James Robert Zook who was convicted of first degree murder for the murder of Daniel Nathan Bloomfield with a .22 caliber revolver on August 18.[4] In this case, an old west-style revolver of the same era as the Marlin rifle was used and Zook shot Bloomfield three days after the morning when Cutshall and Allen are approximated to have been killed. The murder of Bloomfield took place around the outskirts of Sebastopol, California, about 30 miles from the Jenner crime scene.
Zook was a resident on Bloomfield Road - along with the man he murdered - the property consisted of a house owned by Zook's cousin Mike Astin and several outlying buildings. The residents were methamphetamine users. Zook and Bloomfield frequently argued and fought with one another. Zook stole the revolver from another cousin with whom he was staying on August 16. He was recovering from a motorcycle accident which he blamed on Bloomfield and factored in his motive for the murder. Zook's cousin, Frank Giampoli, returned from a hunting trip on the 16th and allowed Zook to help him clean his rifles and gain access to the .22 caliber Old West Style Colt revolver. Zook joked with his cousin about "hunting the two-legged kind." Zook had also insinuated to fellow drug users on an occasion in August that he had murdered someone and that Bloomfield "was going to end up just like those other people. The crabs were going to be eating him also."
Zook's parents owned a house on Muniz Ranches where he was ultimately arrested walking barefoot down Muniz Ranch Road on Thursday, August 19. The crime scene at Fish Head Beach is only a mile from that dirt road where it meets Hwy 1. At the scene of the crime where Bloomfield was murdered, his body was discovered under a tarpaulin sheet along with a bottle cap of Camo beer; the beer bottle was found nearby. The beer is no longer made and was an uncommon Wisconsin beer in California. Camo beer was found at the scene of the crime in Jenner as well.[5] ... ?p=1&tc=pg


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