Richard Carlson's SIGNS OF THE ZODIAC

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Richard Carlson's SIGNS OF THE ZODIAC

Postby Michael Butterfield » Fri Aug 30, 2013 1:06 am

Former KGO-TV news reporter Richard Carlson shares his memories of the Zodiac case in a new article posted at titled Signs of the Zodiac. Carlson recalls visiting the scene of the Stine murder in San Francisco on the night of the crime, his experience during the now-infamous televised exchange between attorney Melvin Belli and the Zodiac impostor known as "Sam," and the proposed meeting between Belli and Sam after the broadcast.

Carlson's article will be interesting for those who have followed the Zodiac story. He writes about the opinions of those at KGO regarding the Zodiac impostor and describes the overall atmosphere at the time of the Zodiac crimes. Carlson also mentions that "Sam" was actually identified as a man named "Eric" who "was locked up in an Oakland mental hospital and had court-ordered access to a telephone."

The three-part article is available by clicking on the link below:

Signs of the Zodiac

NOTE: In one part of the article, Carlson apparently relied on erroneous news reports as he states that victim Bryan Hartnell was stabbed "15 times" and Cecelia Shepard was stabbed "more than 20 times." Bryan Hartnell and his doctor stated that he had been stabbed 6 times, while investigators stated that Cecelia Shepard had been stabbed 10 times. Despite these minor errors, Carlson's article provides a unique look into the Zodiac story as it happened.
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