How Many Did He Kill?

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Re: How Many Did He Kill?

Postby Gindodawg » Sun Sep 04, 2011 3:28 pm

entropy wrote:
Bullitt wrote:AFAIK Ricardo isn't a kook, but I have no idea why he'd post anything from Goldcatcher.

I honestly believe Ricardo felt that people should have the opportunity to evaluate Goldcatcher's claims based on his own words rather than based on a filtered presentation of whatever seems to fit his POI. In that respect, I think that is a very positive thing and he's not creating a forum for Goldcatcher to make his accusations- those accusations have already been made but most of Goldcatcher's... umm... idiosynchrosies have been ignored or filtered out.

Just my opinion...

I can see this as well. I was only joking about the entertainment value. Sometimes I have an odd sense of humor. We have also discussed the "Sandy" issue on another thread here where I pointed out that Sandy was tried in absentia. I'm leaving now, but later I'll look for the thread.

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Re: How Many Did He Kill?

Postby Michael Butterfield » Sun Sep 04, 2011 8:13 pm

At this point, after two decades of his garbage, anyone who supports or helps to promote any of the claims by Goldcatcher aka Blaine Blaine is doing a great disservice to this case, the families, the victims, and the suspects like Richard Gaikowski. We don't need to be giving Goldcatcher more attention, as that is the very problem in this situation. When you have a crackpot who spreads false stories and accuses an innocent man of a serious crime without presenting any credible evidence whatsoever, the answer isn't to give him a platform and more attention. Nothing that Goldcatcher says will ever help this case and nothing he says is worthy of further attention. He's a crackpot, and that's that. Every single person who ever encountered Goldcatcher concluded that he was a crackpot and that his claims were without merit. Just because two unethical people decided to exploit Goldcatcher in order to suit their own purposes doesn't mean he's suddenly worthy of attention or that anything he says has any merit whatsoever. There's a serious problem in the online community, where people seem to think that we need to give everyone equal time even when many of these people proved, at the outset, that they were just irresponsible or delusional clowns spreading nonsense and accusing innocent men without evidence. When the online community starts adopting anything remotely resembling standards of ethics and basic decency, and they stop promoting these crackpots as legitimate researchers and informants, you'll see fewer crackpots and frauds turning up. As long as crackpots and frauds see other crackpots and frauds being promoted and praised by people in the online community, they will always believe that someone out there will give them a platform and help them spread their nonsense.
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Re: How Many Did He Kill?

Postby LIVE55 » Mon Sep 05, 2011 8:32 am

Exactly right, MB! There are people out there who see something
'in print' online and just accept it as having some validity. :?
ESPECIALLY if they are a 'newbie' to what ever the subject is.
I would guess most have the ability to 'cut thru the BS' and
vet the info they read....BUT NOT EVERYONE...
and then THEY repeat it...and anther 'newbie' comes along...
and they repeat it...

And, by some strange process of 'osmosis' ...
it becomes FACT.
Very disturbing and disheartining...kind of makes you feel
like the TRUTH is doomed.

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Re: How Many Did He Kill?

Postby Solid » Thu Jan 17, 2013 4:08 am ... rcy/4.html
Guy looks kind of like Zodiac exept his chin.

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Re: How Many Did He Kill?

Postby jroberson76 » Fri Jan 18, 2013 11:14 pm

Before contacts, every man with poor eyesight looked like the Zodiac.


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