Where was Cheri Jo Bates killed?

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Where was Cheri Jo Bates killed?

Postby FoolsGold » Mon Aug 30, 2010 7:29 pm

According to Bate's Death Certificate, found here:

Cheri Jo Bates died at 3680 Terracina, the road that runs perpendicular to Magnolia and parallel to Fairfax. And according to Graysmith: ... na&f=false

the murder occurred "in a dirt driveway midway between two vacant frame houses at 3680 and 3692 Terracina".

You can see a neat but out-dated campus map here: ... Campus-Map

(Now, my understanding is that she died between some houses Riverside bought up to make more land for future expansion. These were former homes that clustered around the young college back in the sixties, and have since been torn down. And I understand that the former Library Annex was located in the Arthur G. Paul Quadrangle, and is now an art gallery.)

According to here:

link taken from here

...this construction site is the location where Bates died. Ed was involved in the picture taking, I believe.

Now, the only construction I can find for Riverside, during that time, is for the new Digital Library and Learning Resource Center.

Strange then that when I plug the address listed on the DC into Google Maps, I get this: ... CBMQ8gEwAA

Now, I have no idea when the Digital Library was completed. Looking at the location Google Maps provides, only the 'Technology A' building is located near 3680 Terracina. Is this the building pictured in the photograph at Because the building under construction looks like it has three floors, whereas the 'Technology A' building does not.

Furthermore, this campus map:

shows nothing around 3680 Terracina but parking lots and Technology A. Technology A just doesn't look right for a new building, still under construction, and with three floors.

So where were the houses where she died? Ed?


Re: Where was Cheri Jo Bates killed?

Postby FoolsGold » Tue Aug 31, 2010 7:43 pm

That's very awesome, Ed. Thanks a heap. You must have done some good work in RCC, because you seem very familiar with both its history and geography.

I do have another question, and I don't think you or anyone else can answer it, though: The library annex closed at 9pm, correct? Screams were heard between 10:15 and 10:45, and the time of death is generally accepted as about 10:30pm, right?

Now, the distance from the library annex to the dirt driveway is but only, what, less than a hundred feet, maybe 50 feet or so? So, what was Bates doing for all that time. Talking? Or is this another case of GIGO, starting with a false assumption?

I have a feeling, just a simple one, that Bates knew her killer (duh!). He was someone that didn't intimidate her, or frighten her, someone she likely didn't see as a threat. One of the 'nerds', the socially 'slight' kind of guys that may have come on to her, and she brushed him off, perhaps politely, but he took it as a serious affront. Perhaps someone she met at a football game, and he was a student at another high school. In other words, her killer might have been from another nearby high school.

Then again, it could've been someone from Ramona High, or RCC, or just a crime of opportunity, but whoever he was, I believe she knew him.

One other thing: her death certificate claims she was buried, and in looking for her grave, I found this: ... id=7403001

which claims she was cremated. I guess so.

Anyway, seems only Shepard and Jensen were buried. Someone should take them some flowers, a huge beautiful arrangement each...


Re: Where was Cheri Jo Bates killed?

Postby FoolsGold » Sun Oct 17, 2010 2:03 pm

Bullit, I want to apologize for never responding to your latest reply in this thread. How improper of me as you've obviously taken the time to hammer out a lengthy and intelligent reply, thus answering my question entirely. As always, your input is highly valued. So thanks for clearing up my original question, Ed, and thank you smithy for reminding me of this thread, of which I had forgotten.

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Re: Where was Cheri Jo Bates killed?

Postby SK Researcher » Sun Sep 27, 2015 2:55 am

(The caption under the photo states)

CLOSER LOOK --- Police officers use the porch of a Riverside City College library annex to examine the area surrounding the body of Cheri Jo Bates, an 18-year-old RCC student who was found slain on the campus this morning. Officers did not walk in the driveway until all evidence had been gathered. Arrow points to the body of the girl.

(Within the story it states)
...was found lying face down
in a dirt driveway between
two old frame houses owned by the college. ...

[And as shown in the story, one of those houses being,
the one they were using as "library annex".]
(The two police officers are standing on the porch of it.)

(Same newspaper article)
(another section)

(Photo of man and woman talking to police officer, and police officer is taking notes)

(The caption under that photo states)

QUESTIONS - Officer Ben Castlebury interrogates RCC Librarian Harry Back and Reference Librarian Winifred Turner. They provided information on the operating hours of the main library
where the victim allegedly was shortly before her death.

> The annex near which the body was found
was not open. <

(Stated within the story)

(Cheri Jo Bates' father, Joseph Bates)

The elder Bates had filed a missing persons report on his daughter last night when she failed to return home.

Miss Stefani Guttman of 2874 McKinley, also a RCC student, said Miss Bates telephoned her twice yesterday afternoon, once at 3 p.m. and again at 3:45.
Miss Bates asked her to accompany her to the library last night "to pick up a few books"
, Miss Guttman said, but Miss Guttman said she did not go.

> Miss Bates' father telephoned Miss Guttman at 7 p.m.,
asking if Miss Guttman knew where his daughter was. <

[You will recall that:
Joseph Bates stated that he had arrived home about 5 p.m.,
and found a note on the refrigerator from Cheri Jo,
that stated: Dad, gone to the library.]

(So, she had been gone some HOURS, at that point.)
(And it is possible that: Usually when she went to the library, she didn't stay this long.)

He called again at 6:50 a.m. today
and said Miss Bates had not come home.

Walter Siebert of 3667 Gloreen said
he and a few friends were in the library
(He had to be referring to the main library,
because the article states that the library annex, was closed.),

from 7:15 until 9,
but did not see Miss Bates, whom they all knew.

They said
they saw four men dressed in work clothes
sitting on a fence

across from

the spot where Miss Bates' car was found,

but they did not know them.

[This is what I would like to have a "map" of.
This scenerio right here.
Where, exactly, was the main library at - from THIS location (library annex, area)?

And where was Walter Siebert (and the, few friends),
that they saw the four men sitting on a fence

"across from"

the spot where Miss Bates' car was found.

(And, was Walter Siebert - and a few friends -
'view-point' of such, that they could also see:
the spot, where Miss Bates' car was found?
("If" so, was it close enough that they would have been able to see her car, had it been there at that time?)

And it does not state in the article, as to what time it was,
that Walter Siebert (and the, few friends) said that they saw these four guys.
It says in the article, that Walter Siebert (and the, few friends)
were in the library, 7:15 until 9.

So...(according to their story)
did "they" see the four guys,
before 7:15,

or, 9 (or very shortly after 9)
(And at 9 p.m., it is dark outside.)

(And why would, four guys wearing work clothes,
be sitting on a fence
- at 9:00 p.m.)

Did Walter (and the, few friends) go to the library, together?

[Did anyone else mention to police that they saw, these four guys?
"If" so, I haven't seen anything stated about it.]

[Why would four guys in work clothes, be, sitting on a fence?
Were they, "on a break" at a job?]

[And what kind of "fence" was it?
(I guess if it was the 'only' place to sit, it might be one thing.
But, seems it would be uncomfortable.) (I think I would opt for, sitting on the ground, before I would sit on a fence.)]
(Another photo in that article.
Police officer standing on the porch of the library annex)
(Rather, the 'vacant house'
- owned by the college, and used as library annex.)

Whoever did this, one thing is certain:
They knew that both of those houses were "vacant".

(In regard to the one that they use as the library annex:
was there a sign out front, stating that?
- or does it just look like, a 'vacant house'.)

(Even though these "vacant houses" are owned by the college)
Anyone can drive through this area, can't they.)

By the looks of things,
isn't this actually a "residential" area,
in which the college bought-up, some of the "vacant houses" in the area?

(And you recall that:
some neighbors in a couple of the houses,
is who "heard a scream".)

The college does not own "all" of these houses/property, do they?
(Officially, it isn't all, 'on-campus', is it.
It is just, 'near', the college.
Right? (??)

(And, although it was stated that many of the houses in this area are "vacant",
there ARE people living in some of them, correct?)

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Re: Where was Cheri Jo Bates killed?

Postby dagmajor » Sat Jul 08, 2017 3:22 pm

I really like some of SK Researcher's questions. I guess that is what I like about forums. Different people see things from different angles; Sometimes those angles connect and form a box...and there are those that dare look outside the box. Forums like this permit all viewpoints to be collected in one area. I never believed Bates was a Zodiac victim, but some of the questions SK Researcher brought up may point to the individual that did in fact kill Bates, if ever answered.
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