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Updated: September 12, 2011

Due to recent events and ongoing acts of harassment, the rules of this forum have been modified and updated. Members need to read this announcement and take appropriate steps to ensure that their accounts are in good standing.

The policies stated in this announcement are effective immediately (or, in some cases, retroactively). Please take a moment to read this announcement which contains important information about the policies of this message board, the rules of enforcement, the consequences of violating the policies, and your membership account.

Before I proceed with the announcement, I want to take the time to thank all of you who are members in good standing and who behave like mature, responsible adults. You are the very people who make this message board a friendly and informative place for fact-based discussion. Your contributions, your assistance, your maturity, and your ethics are greatly appreciated and absolutely necessary to maintain the integrity of this board and to live by its stated purpose– to facilitate fact-based discussion and provide reliable, accurate information about this case. To all of you, thank you, and, please know that all of the policies will apply to you and all members, but please know that these policies were not created because of your behavior but to combat the deranged behavior of others. Most people don’t need paragraphs to explain how to act like adults, but there are obviously those in the online community who require remedial training. This site has been the subject of endless harassment from deranged individuals. I have been forced to address this behavior and institute some new policies to combat what has become a very serious problem.

Below is a listing of the new policies. [Again, if you’ve been a responsible and mature member of this board then this post has very little to do with you at all.]


If your name is Tom Voigt, you are not welcome here, under any pseudonym, under any circumstances, at any time, for any reason. If your name is Tom Voigt, and you already have opened membership accounts here under any other name, real or imagined, then you need to close ALL such accounts immediately. Failure to close all accounts and leave this message board permanently will result in formal complaints filed with your Internet service provider and any other appropriate authorities. Again, if you are Tom Voigt, owner of the website, then you are not welcome here and that means that you are not welcome to make any attempt to apply for membership, either. In short, you have no business here and you are not wanted, period. Any attempts to register for membership of this forum by Tom Voigt or anyone acting in concert with Tom Voigt or on his behalf will be reported to the appropriate Internet Providers and law enforcement agencies as harassment.


1. ALL members are allowed one account only. No member will be permitted to open or maintain two or more accounts. Any member found to have more than one account after this policy has been posted will have both accounts deleted immediately and permanently.

2. ALL membership applications must contain a VALID EMAIL ADDRESS. No account will be activated or approved without a valid email address.

3. ALL members must maintain a valid email contact for their account here at all times. If your account is currently registered under an invalid or outdated email address then you need to update that information now. If you wish to change your email address (if you’re changing Internet Service Providers or for any other reason), then you can contact an administrator and your account updated with your new email address. Members have the responsibility of keeping their account up to date, and to report changes or problems to administrators and moderators in a timely fashion.

4. This forum was created for responsible, mature, fact-based discussion. If you come to this board with any other purpose then you are not welcome. Personal attacks, profanity, threats, threats to expose personal information such as a member’s real name, address, or other personal data, or, threats to reveal similar information about a member’s suspect or POI constitute acts of harassment and will not be tolerated and will be reported to the proper authorities. Such behavior will lead to the immediate and permanent deactivation of membership.

5. Regarding the use of profanity: Moderators do not wish to censor or police postings, so please act responsibly by avoiding the use of profanity whenever possible. This includes insulting another member by using a euphemism for any part of the human body. This includes claiming that someone is “dumber” than a pile of refuse or feces. This includes calling someone stupid. If you wish to call an idea or theory “stupid,” then no one will stop you from doing so, but personal insults will not be permitted. There are very few instances in which profanity is necessary to make a point but we all agree that such words can often be used legitimately to express certain ideas or to demonstrate a certain level of indignation. Also, profanity can be contained in a quote relevant to a discussion. If you feel the need to say, “This is bullsh*t,” please resist doing so and substitute the initials BS. And, if you insist on inserting some form of profanity into your posts for some kind of emphasis, remember the rules, and use an asterik (*) as much as possible. I add this last admonition because I don’t want to see actual profanity on this board, period. If you can’t live without profanity, then you can learn to live without a membership to this board.

6. Disagreement is the foundation of spirited and productive debate, but we are here to be a positive contribution to the discussion and not just another voice in the chaos. In order to ensure that this message board is different from all others, the members must maintain the integrity of this board at all times. This means that each of us has an obligation to act responsibly and to avoid the very behavior which has rendered so many other message boards little more than a wasteland of screaming and gossip. This means that we must refrain from using silly nicknames to describe people we don’t like. Nicknames and insults are not necessary in a fact-based discussion, so no one should miss them here. Besides, if you take the time to write a thorough and fact-based criticism which exposes fraud in the online community, you want to spell the fraud’s name correctly for those good ol’ Google searches.

6. Screennames which mock or ridicule other members or individuals are not permitted.

7. Pornographic or sexually suggestive images of any kind are not permitted. While we have a “Cantina” section for discussion which is light-hearted and less moderated, such images are not permitted in any section of this forum.

8. As stated previously, those who choose to join the forum and then use the forum to promote theories, suspects or solutions to codes must present facts and information to support their presentations. If you think you have solved a Zodiac code you are welcome here but you must provide your solution– you can’t just talk about it or claim it exists. The same rule applies to those who claim to have uncovered important evidence or claim to have identified the Zodiac. Those who insist on violating this rule will be banned and will not be permitted to return.

9. Members may not use the Private Message service provided by this forum to intimidate, insult, mock, ridicule, solicit or otherwise harass any other member. The members are welcome to carry on heated debates in private messages but members should maintain civility while doing so. Using the private message system to solicit other members for the purposes of selling any product or enlisting new members of other forums is prohibited. I sometimes receive complaints about a member abusing this service and I am reluctant to take action unless it is absolutely necessary, but the fact is that most people won’t contact me until the abuse or incivility has reached an unacceptable level already, so please keep this in mind and try to be good to each other.

10. Those who have joined this forum and abused the privileges have been and will continue to be permanently banned from this forum. Once you have been banned, you are not welcome here ever again, and repeated attempts to sign up for more membership accounts, using any screenname, will be deemed harassment and will be reported to the proper authorities as such. Do not minimize the truth of that statement: Internet harassment is a serious crime which can earn you stiff monetary fines or even imprisonment. Your freedom is not worth whatever sick pleasure you may get from taunting members of this board or repeatedly applying for more membership accounts here. This is private forum which is available to those members who obey the rules but this forum reserves the right to deny membership and access to anyone for any reason at any time. I can give you my word that deactivating memberships is not something I want to do or would ever do without VERY good cause. That said, I won’t hesitate to ban anyone who violates the rules of membership.

11. Spam and other forms of Internet garbage are not welcome here, and links to pornography, business advertisements, social chat rooms, and other off-topic sites are not permitted. This means that you can’t come here and post an advertisement for your business, you cannot solicit money for business purposes (although some solicitation for charity will be permitted), you can’t post links to your new music video on YouTube, etc. This is fairly simple and I hope I don’t have to amend this listing with dozens of paragraphs just to address the many ways in which some loser may try to get around this rule just to spam this forum.

12. Accusations of murder are very serious. Members should not post the name of a suspect or a PERSON OF INTEREST unless the individual in question has already been named publicly in the mainstream media or by responsible parties. Members should also refrain from unsubstantiated speculation, such as saying, “I think one of the victims was killed by her mother,” or, “I think this suspect was working with that one,” unless you have some credible evidence to support that claim. This website is devoted to fact-based discussion and reasonable not to rampant, baseless speculation. Fact-based speculation can be a part of that discussion but members need to act responsibly. Postings in this public forum are archived by Google and other search engines, so if you make an unsubstantiated and irresponsible accusation of murder it will most likely be a permanent part of Internet history so ACT RESPONSIBLY.

I’d like to think that covers everything but I am sure that this list will have to be amended in the future to compensate for problems and behavior I haven’t anticipated at this time. Members are encouraged to report problems or other issues to moderators and administrators, and I appreciate the patience and understanding of all members as we attempt to cope with the current changes and circumstances. Thank you.


It's not a democracy here, this is a privately run forum. While we try to keep the rules to a minimum, there are a few that we insist be observed if you wish to participate on this board.

1) Post in the appropriate place.

2) Before asking a common question, look around to see if it may have already been answered by using the search function.

3) SPAM: There is a "No Spam" policy in place here. Any person who attempts to place a hidden link within a post will be banned from the forum immediately.

4) No profanity, trolls, sockpuppets, etc., no kidding.

5) Attacking other members, calling them names, or anything which would make this a negative place to be will not be tolerated.

6) Registered users who have less than five posts and/or who are registered for less than one month will not be permitted to post links to other sites.

7) The owner of the board and/or any of his moderators can and will ban anyone abusing any of the above the first time it happens, at their discretion.

8) No links to the so-called "Bystander" message board whatsoever.

NEW RULE #1: This one is titled "The Dr. D Rule," named after Dr. Lawrence P. D'Antonio. For some time, the Dr. has been making the rounds in the so-called community and posting his sensational claims on the message boards at, Bystander, and more. D' Antonio claims to have discovered hidden messages and images on the Zodiac letters which he claims were placed there by the eternal suspect, Arthur Leigh Allen. D'Antonio said that he first came up with this discovery after watching the movie ZODIAC and staying awake for three days in a row. He claims to be "working with" the SFPD and the FBI, and claims that his "evidence" proves Allen's guilt, despite the overwhelming evidence of his innocence.

When D'Anotonio first came to this message board, he made his usual claims, and he was asked - in private and in public - to provide some evidence to support his claims. He refused to do so, and was therefore banned from the board.

So, the "The Dr. D Rule" is simple: If you come to this message board and make a sensational claim that you have solved the case, found shocking new evidence, or solved a Zodiac code, you will only be asked ONCE to provide proof of your claims, and if you fail to comply, you will be banned.

NEW RULE #2: From now on, this board will not permit any further POI postings (Person Of Interest). Somehow, in the Zodiac-world of accusing suspects, the term POI has been mangled beyond recognition to mean any person plucked out of thin air by a Zodiac buff. In police terms, a POI is a person of interest because police have reason for that interest, i.e. the subject was seen before, during or after a crime, seen in the area, or may have information.

Therefore, it is inappropriate to use this public forum to raise so-called POI suspicions. If you are "interested" in a person, please contact me or one of the members with your information. Since I'd like this to be a responsible forum, I believe the best method is to vet and examine your person of your interest in private, and if there is good reason, the discussion can move into the public forum.

NEW RULE #3: If you are asked - by myself or one of the moderators - to stop posting on a certain subject, you should know that the request has been made in order to permit you to remain a board member even though the moderators have determined that a specific post or topic has gotten out of control or become irresponsible, etc. Rather than simply ban you, the moderators will ask you to cooperate with the rules and standards of this board; if you wish to ignore such a request, you're welcome to do so, but you may find yourself banned for doing so. No one wants to censor posts or ban anyone unless it is necessary, so please try to understand that when a moderator asks you to cease or desist on a specific topic or thread, that request was made politely in order to permit you to remain a member. We welcome opinions and debate, but there are certain instances when some topics or discussions are not appropriate.

Thank you.


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