The Fouke description of Zodiac and the composite

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The Fouke description of Zodiac and the composite

Postby Kforcer » Sun Dec 14, 2014 7:57 pm

How heavily is the Zodiac composite--the famous one--influenced by Fouke's description of the killer?

Given that Fouke saw a man with no visible bloodstains and that there was--according to some other officers--a likelihood that the perpetrator would in fact have some amount of blood on him, the idea that he encountered Zodiac seems to me immediately throw into doubt. And thus, if the composite was influenced by his description, it seems to me that the composite's accuracy is possibly undermined.

What I have never learned is whether or not Fouke's description of the man he supposedly encountered was similar to the witness descriptions of Paul Stine's killer. Did they--the young witnesses that saw Stine's killer from a distance--and Officer Fouke appear to be describing the same individual? Or did their descriptions conflict with one another?

I'm not sure if there is any way of answering such questions at this point but they've been haunting me for a bit.

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